car-lot-wheel-repairRange of Wheel Services for Your New and Preowned Auto Dealerships

Wheelkraft NW specializes in offering a variety of services for your wheels including repair, refinishing, straightening, remanufacturing, mobile wheel repair, and customization. At Wheelkraft NW, we also offer powder coating, and our system is designed for metal and wheels, so you are getting the custom job you need for the look you want. Wheelkraft NW can do on site curb damage repairs of CPO vehicles, Service Drive customers vehicles and Service loaner vehicle fleets. Wheel Haus does wheel Straightening, restoration, and powder coating in the state of the art remanufacturing facility in Vancouver, WA.
We offer a broad range of services in customization and wheel repair that gives you the flexibility to offer your clients an added range of services. Whether you own a auto dealership, maintain a fleet of commercial vehicles or any retail auto business, we can bring you a wide range of wheel services to adequately meet you wheel repair, refinishing, and customization needs.

We work with a wide variety of commercial dealerships across the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington areas. We also have mobile units that can come pick up wheels at your location, at your convenience.

Customization for Commercial Dealerships

As a commercial dealership, we offer something for your customers that no one else does or can. We have the ability to fully customize your commercial vehicles on your lot or your fleet of commercial vehicles. We offer the services to bring you the custom job you want to be done for the look you want. We also have the experience, the expertise, and the skill to do the job right.

More and more dealerships are choosing to customize part of their showroom selection to have a customized car on site, for customers to see up close and personal. Customizations are a unique and extraordinary offering to attract a client. By customizing a vehicle, they can see up close the look and feel of a customized set of wheels. Something a 3×5 glossy in the showroom will never do.

Why Customize?

Dealerships are finding that not only are they not able to keep these customized cars in stock fast enough, but they can pad their bottom lines. Customers will pay extra for a fully customized vehicle that they get to buy immediately. Most consumers nowadays will want to customize their car after their purchase, but the time it takes to shop around and get the work done is just more time spent waiting. When they can get the look that they want immediately, that is a tremendous value. Even if it means that they see what they want, but desire a slightly different color or variation, you are offering a service to the customer that no other dealerships are. That makes your business unique and stand out from the competition.

Become a Partner with Wheelkraft NW

By partnering with Wheelkraft NW, you can offer your customers a specialty service and addition to a brand new or used vehicle that will add value for them and add profit for you. We have the capabilities to refinish, repair, straighten, powder coat, and customize most wheels. We have partnerships with some of the most well-known dealerships and automotive names in Portland and Vancouver, Washington, and we would love to show you why so many trusts us with their wheels, vehicles, and reputation.

When you want the job done right, and nothing short of perfect will do, let Wheelkraft NW show you what we do best. Visit Wheelkraft NW today online, or contact us today with any questions about how we can help you sell more cars and make your customers a whole lot happier!

Please Call to set appointments at your office or shop. We are usually out working at our customers locations and we don’t want to miss working with you!
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