If the road and curb-rash has taken its toll on your wheels, it’s not always convenient to get your vehicle to a shop. Wheelkraft NW offers professional, on-site mobile wheel refinishing services, saving you time, hassle and stress in the process.

We bring our expert wheel refinishing services to your business, dealership, car lot or home location quickly and efficiently. Our mobile wheel repair technicians professionally refinish steel, aluminum, and alloy wheels to their like-new condition, using the latest technology available in the industry.

The On-site Wheel Refinishing Process

Our mobile technicians repair your wheels by carefully removing them from the vehicle and placing them in the workstation of our fully stocked service trucks. The wheels are then prepped, repaired, primed, painted, and finally clear-coated. Then the wheels cured under infrared lamps before we place them back onto your vehicle.

Within an average of about an hour, we have your wheels cost-effectively back to their like-new condition! The most important thing is that you are completely satisfied with the results of our work. That’s why we back our work with a 100% guarantee against any defects in the workmanship we provide.

If your vehicle’s rims have scratches, scrapes, nicks or dings on them, why replace them before seeing if you can go the much more cost-effective route of repair? Car enthusiasts and dealerships alike have long entrusted their beloved vehicles with the skilled technicians at Wheelkraft NW. The only exception is when a bent wheel needs to be straightened and that is where our Wheel Haus MFG custom wheel repair facilities come into play.

Call WheelkraftNW mobile wheel repair at (360) 546-1799 or (503) 241-5930

Introducing Wheel Haus MFG – a Wheelkraft company

Have a bent, dented or badly gouged wheel?  In order to properly straighten a wheel our Vancouver shop, Wheel Haus MFG, specializes in wheel repair and customization. Bring the vehicle to Wheel Haus MFG, or we’ll take the wheel to our shop, and we’ll have it back to rolling condition in 24 to 48 hours -and we’ll to get the job done right. Any bent wheel, no matter how minor, may crack or break during the straightening process. Most wheels straighten out just fine. If Wheel Haus MFG cannot straighten your wheel to safety standards you pay nothing.

In addition Wheel House MFG specializes in wheel rim powder coating, painting and wheel customization. We’ll make a pair of stock wheel look custom for a fraction of the price of new wheels all while preserving the original driving dynamics provided by your OEM wheels. Have a question? Call Wheel Haus MFG today at (360) 718-8389



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