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DSC_0967The color you paint your wheels says a lot about you. You want to make sure your rims send the right message and look good at the same time. And lets face it, those hot pink rims you thought were a good idea 2 years ago might not have aged as well as you initially thought.

That’s what’s so great about Black rims. Black is a color that just seems to go well with everything, whether your car is white, blue, red, or a custom mixture. Black Rims can be the subtle highlight that brings out those bright red brake calipers hidden underneath, or it could be the high profile accent you need that will turn heads at the next car show.

This coming month, Wheelkraft NW and Wheelhaus MFG are coming together to bring you Black Friday. For a limited time, we will be taking in wheels on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. Get your wheels in by Noon on Thursday, and we will have them stripped, blasted, and then painted in Black with your choice of a Gloss, Matte, or Flat finish. Black Powder coating will be done on Friday. Take a look at what will happen to your wheels when you bring them in.

Once your wheels are painted, they are mounted, balanced, and are ready for pickup by Friday at 4PM. Just in time for you to take your newly painted rims for a cruise over the weekend and show them off!

So why take advantage of our Black Friday event? Wheels painted black during the event will be done for $125 a wheel, getting you a whole set for $500. That’s a full $100 less than the standard price for a completed set of wheels.

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