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powder-coating-mechanicIf you’re thinking about upgrading or customizing your vehicle, you might be considering adding a set of custom rims and wheels to your car. Custom rims and tires are an affordable upgrade that can help improve your car’s safety, enhance its maneuverability, and increase its value, all while making your car look great! Although rims can be purchased in a variety of styles, sizes and designs, they can also be easily customized to showcase your unique style.

What Is Powder Coating And How Does It Work?

Powder coating is an alternative to to traditional rim painting, done with liquid paint. Powder coating method of rim painting uses colored powder, an electrostatic gun and heat to add bold, beautiful colors to your custom rims. First, a thick layer of colored powder is sprayed onto the surface of your wheel using an electrostatic gun. Once the wheel is thoroughly coated, it is heat-treated to solidify the coating and create a bold, durable coat.

Why Choose Powder Coating?

There are several reasons to choose powder coating over a traditional paint job, but the reason many people choose powder coating, especially for their rims and wheels, is because it performs far better than a traditional liquid paint job. First off, powder coating is actually designed specifically for adding color to metal and wheels. In addition, the innate properties of the powder coating and the fact that it is baked directly into the metal, ensures that it produces a coating that is naturally thicker and more durable than liquid paint jobs.

Fully Customizable

When you are customizing a part of your vehicle, you want to be sure that it looks exactly the way you want it to. The best part about powder coating is that it is fully customizable, so you are truly free to express your individuality and unique sense of style. Just like traditional paint jobs, powder coating can be customized to match your car’s existing color, or create an entirely new color. The possibilities are endless!

If you are going to spend money on a new set of rims and wheels, don’t be afraid to express yourself with a custom color job. If you’re going to add some color to your wheels, be sure the paint job is prepared to go that extra mile with powder coating coloring. The thick, durable coating is strong enough to survive the wear and tear experienced by your wheels on a daily basis, so your paint job always looks as fresh and new as the first day it was applied.

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