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This coming weekend, The Portland Auto Show is coming back to the Portland Convention Center! If you’re a gear-head and live in the Portland area, you’re likely familiar with the annual convention.But in case you haven’t heard, The Portland Auto Show brings hundreds of cars to the Convention Center, allowing anyone to examine, sit-in, and dream about the newest additions to the auto industry.

Prior shows have had everything from the newest arrivals to showcase models, from the economic classes to some of the most expensive cares in production.

This year, the Auto Show is bringing with it another huge assortment of vehicles from around the globe. It’s a great chance to do some window shopping, check out the newest designs of 2015, and even take a seat and get a feel for some of the newer models.

Want to see the cutting edge of technology? The Portland Auto Show will have a large assortment of the latest hybrid and electric cars on the market, everything from the Mercedes B-Class electric drive to the BMW i3.

If you’re looking for Luxury, keep your eyes open for the Luxury Loft, where you’ll find Lamborghini’s, Porche’s, Maserati’s, and Ferrari’s gracing the upper level. You’ll even find the prodigal Bugatti Veyron, known for its record breaking speeds and uncompromising luxury.

Auto5.jpg_BIMOf course, you don’t have to be a car nut to appreciate the Auto Show. You will also find a whole slew of interactive events, like the Ride and Drives (experiencing a car from behind the wheel) RC rock climbing (taking on four wheeling with an RC car) and even a Basketball Clinic being hosted by the Portland Trail Blazers! A ton of events for the kids or other family members who may be less enthusiastic about sitting in dozens of cars all day.

Come visit us this year! WheelkraftNW and WheelhausMFG will have a booth at the Auto Show, showing off some of our Sick Rims and talking about the process behind our refurbishing process. We’ll even have some swag for visitors who drop by and say hello.


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