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475 corvette with blue wheels

One way to make your car stand out is to customize your wheels. The right customization can add color and character to a car to make it your own.

While some prefer to refine and refinish the wheels, they have to keep their car looking sleek and new. Meanwhile, others ramp up its personality and presence on the road by adding bold colors and smooth designs that’ll turn heads.

Before you delve into your options though, here’s a guide to knowing what’s right for you.

Know about wheel customization before you go

Choices abound when you want to customize your ride, but there’s a few things you’ll want to know before you upgrade.

green camaro with green rimsFirst, keep in mind the the size of your wheel because it’s diameter needs to match your tires. You can find that on your tire. You’ll also want to know your wheel’s offset, or the distance between the hub mounting surface to its centerline. If the new wheel has a different offset from what you’re using now, the tires may rub on the inside or outside, leading to tire failure.

Some will want to get bigger wheels for a more sporty look. But if you’d like to keep your existing tires, your wheel size should be the same.

Wheels also come in a variety of materials. For example, alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, which will give you speed and also reduce the heat the brake system picks up.

If you’re unsure of how to measure your wheel or what type you want, take your car to a nearby specialist and talk about your options.

How can I customize my wheels?

  • Powder coating: a technique specifically for metals that sprays a thin layer of powder onto the wheel’s surface. That powder is baked on to achieve a uniform durable finish. This technique is used to repair dings and scratches or to match your wheel’s existing color.
  • Add color: Pinstriping and brake caliper painting are just a few ways to add color to your wheels. To make more of a statement, spray the whole wheel into a custom color you make with a color specialist.
  • Finishes: Common wheel finishes are chrome, machine polished and painted or powder coated wheels. Each gives your car a distinct look to set it apart from the rest.

Keep your goals in mind

Do you want your car to have a splash of personality? Or are you more looking for a polished, spotless look? Customizing your wheels can add the slightest touch to refine your car or it can give it a whole new look.

Have a vision for what you’d like to repair, refine or customize before you go to the shop. Bring your wheel vision to us, or have one of our wheel repair artist’s help you decide the vision of your wheels. A wheel specialist at Wheelkraft NW can help with any customization you’d like.

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