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feature4At WheelKraft Northwest we know you don’t have time to bring your vehicle in to a shop to get your wheels and rims refinished.  That’s why we come to you.  With our specially designed prep station/paint booth inside our self-contained reconditioning service van we can do the job right on site!

Your damaged wheels are removed from the vehicle and placed on our service van. The wheels are then carefully repaired, prepped, primed, painted and finally clear-coated, giving the wheel a like new appearance. The wheels are allowed to cure under infrared lamps for a short time and placed back on your vehicle where it is ready to roll. The total time required to repair the average wheel is about one hour.  How’s that for fast and easy!

Curb damage is an ugly sight on a luxury car.  Keep it looking sleek and new with little to no hassle!  For a free estimate or to schedule an appointment please visit our contact page and a representative will be in touch.

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