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Thinking about trying to transform your car into something beautiful and legendary? A custom powder coating paint job on your wheels could be just what you need. Quality work with top quality products is key and here’s how a professional powder coating job can add wheel perfection to your vehicle.


What A Good Powder Coating Company Delivers

The person working on your wheels will need to remove anything on the wheels that can’t handle the heat like trim pieces, hubcaps, sealing rings, and more. A professional will clean and dry the surface of the wheels so the powder coating will go on uniformly and adhere to the wheel. We check to make sure the rim is straight and crack-free. Once the wheels are free of any old coatings, they will be stripped, washed with a solvent to remove any dirt, grease, or other grime, and stripped. The person working on the wheels will likely use high temperature masking tape, or plugs, to cover portions of the wheels that could cause issues when refitting them. The wheels will then be removed and baked for a time at a specific temperature in order to release and bake out the contaminants in the metal that have accumulated over time.


powder coating process

Next, the professional will ground your wheels to the powder coating gun, as most wheels will usually have small crevices that make it hard for the powder to get into. When the wheels are properly grounded, a static charge is created, which helps the powder latch onto the small crevices that are hard to reach. Without this, the powder won’t stick to these areas, and the powder finish will look uneven and incomplete.

Next, a colored or clear coat of powder will go on, which will add an extra layer of protection to the wheels. This will also help make cleaning the dust and grime off a lot easier. If your wheels have any imperfections, damage, or scratches from the road or curbs, the professional will sand those down. Or, if there is more extensive damage, a metal filler can be used to smooth out those imperfections and make the wheels look like new.


powder coating

It is important to note that the professional doing the powder coating uses a top quality powder gun.

Not all powder coating guns are well made, so making sure that they use one that is adjustable and able to switch to a lower voltage will allow the powder to cling to small crevices that are hard to get to.

The final result: wheels that look amazing! They’ll enhance your ride and last for a long time, too.
Contact the experts at Wheelkraft NW to learn how a powder coating job on your wheels could be just what you need to make your car stand out from the rest!

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