Do you straighten wheels at my location?

Wheel Straightening FAQs Wheelkraft NW in Portland OR & Vancouver WANo. To properly straighten a wheel the Tire must be removed from the rim. Measurements are taken for run out and roll out at the surfaces where the tire seats to the wheel. Portable wheel straightening systems cannot deliver a truly accurate measurement of the finished product. We need the wheel off the car, and in our Vancouver Shop for 24-48 hours. The tire will be removed, the wheel straightened, the tire will be remounted and balanced so we can see the final results in person. Average cost is $100 for this service but can run more. If the wheel breaks or cannot be straightened, there is NO CHARGE!***

Can you repair peeling clear coat?

In many cases, Yes. If the underlying surface is machined our processes are limited but we can polish and re-clear if necessary.

Can you repair peeling chrome?

Yes, but the cost is often prohibitive.  Rechroming wheels is generally $300-$400 per wheel.  There is also a 6-8 week turnaround.

Can you straighten chrome wheels?

Yes, but as with all wheels there is a chance the wheel will break or crack during the straightening process. This probability is increased with a Chromed Aluminum Wheel as it is more brittle from the original chroming process.***

Can you repair curb damage on chrome wheels?

Not exactly. We can often smooth out the curb damage we can not inexpensively “repair” curb damaged chrome as well as we can on alloy wheels.

What will it cost to re-chrome the wheel?

The cost can be prohibitive, as much as $300-$400 per wheel is common for re-chroming services, in addition there is a 6-8 week turnaround.

The tire store says my chrome wheel is peeling or corroding making my tires go flat, can you fix that?

Yes, Wheelkraft NW can make this wheel ‘hold air.’ We need the tire and wheel off the car, and in our Vancouver Shop for 24-48 hours.

My wheel is cracked, can it be fixed?

Yes. Wheelkraft NW does weld cracked or broken wheels. There are times when we can’t repair a wheel, but we can weld small cracks and offer a 90-day guarantee on the weld.

I am thinking about buying used wheels, is there anything I should be aware of?

***Damages are limited to and agreed not to exceed the cost of the wheel straightening service.  

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