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Curb rash occurs when there are scratches or dings on the hubcaps of your car. While the damage can appear merely superficial, these scuff marks can leave room for rust spots and salt damage, especially in the Pacific Northwest, where there’s a consistent level of moisture in the air.

When looking to get your wheels repaired, taking care of curb rash for the both the aesthetic appeal and physical health of your tires is crucial to avoid major damage in the future. It’s important to look for a Portland wheel repair shop that you trust to restore your hubcaps to their former glory and avoid unnecessary costs down the road.

Assessing Curb Rash Damage

If your wheels have curb rash, you will see slight to moderate scuffs around your hubcaps. This can be due to bumping a curb when parallel parking, general wear and tear on the roads, or a remainder from a close call with another car in the past. If you do a lot of city driving in the Portland metro area, your vehicle is more susceptible to curb rash.

Curb rash can also occur on the outer edge of the wheel, leading to an increased chance of popped tires as the tire walls are more easily punctured when worn down or scuffed.

Finding a Wheel Repair Shop

When looking to repair your wheels, it is important to pick a shop that specializes in wheel repair. You want to make sure you are getting the best value for your investment, because solid-performing wheels are critical to efficiency and safety of your vehicle. In the case that the damage to wheels is superficial, your shop will recommend wheel repair for your precise wheel type, such as surface repair and refinishing. .

Wheel Repair in Portland OR

If you are looking to have your wheels repaired, give the pros at Wheelkraft NW a call for a free quote. Our shop is dedicated to repairing mild to severe wheel damage at a fair price and with high-quality materials. Give us a call at 360-558-3805 to schedule an appointment to check your tires and get an estimate for repair. We’ll have your car rolling with style in no time!

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