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10903291_1589279011316541_854847228_nWhat is the Full Paint Experience? What exactly does it mean when we say we’re going to repaint your wheels? Obviously, they’re going to look a bit different than they did going in, but what’s actually happening in the shop?

To some, it might seem as easy as washing a wheel, slapping on a fresh coat of paint, and then reattaching it to the car in the span of 5 minutes. Needless to say, it’s not quite that simple.

Repainting a full set of wheels is a process we put a lot of care into. We want to make sure you wheels look pristine once they have a new coat on, and are painted to last.
So what is the process?

The first thing we do is find out what you want done to your wheels. Whether you want a subtle color to complement your vehicle, something that pops in the sun with some metal flecks, or a bright pink finish that makes heads turn and makes people say “what the heck was that?” The rims of any car accentuate the rest of the body, and will certainly make a statement. We can discuss colors, the type of polish you’d like done, matte vs. glossy, and so on.

Once we remove the tire and clean up the wheel, it’s time to mix the paint and get started. Getting the right color requires a little bit of mixture in the garage, and if we’re looking for a very specific color, we can call in to our friends at Standox to get the exact color you’re looking for. We get the color ready, add it to the paint gun, and start applying to the wheel.

Painting a wheel is a bit of an art form in itself. You want to make sure you get a deep color to the wheel, but over spraying can cause the paint to run. All of our guys have thousands of hours on the paint machine, and have gotten it down to an exact science. Once the wheel is painted, we let it sit to dry.

Once the paint has been inspected for flaws, the wheel gets sent through our oven at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit to prep it for a clear coat.  The clear coat gives the paint on your wheels a protective coating from chipping, and also adds an extra sheen. Once the clear coat has been applied, the wheel is sent through the oven again, and then allowed to cool.

10390058_838920002839600_1395652133055917705_nThen, the moment of truth. Once the wheel comes out of the oven, it is inspected for any imperfections that might have escaped the eyes of the painter. Sometimes the paint is a little thick in some areas, or sometimes a ripple shows up after going through the oven. If there is any imperfections, the wheel is stripped and redone. But if it passes inspection, it moves on to buffing, polishing, and then bolting it back on your ride.

Check out our video below, which gives you a detailed behind-the-scenes look at how we transform your rims from simple, gray toned wheels to a sick set of rims.


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