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The Secrets to Removing Wheel Grit and Grime

feature1Alloy Wheels are Automobile, Truck and Hot Rod wheels made up of aluminum or magnesium. Alloy wheels are different from the steel wheels because of their lighter weight and greater performance characteristics. They are better heat conductors than steel wheels, they are lighter in weight and they provide a great look to a car. Often neglected, alloy wheels require greater care because they receive more wear than any other parts of a car. The wheels are closest to the road, grit and grime. After few months of use, these wheels will lose the sparkle and brightness they had when they were new. The minor scratches and tar spots can give them a bad look. Before you fit alloy wheels to your car, you need to give them several coats of a good polish or wax.

The Right Wheel Cleaning Products

100_2543There have been many products in the market that are specifically formulated to clean and protect your painted alloy, stainless steel wheels. Some of the most commonly used products include the following. At WheelKraft NW we use the Eagle One line of Cleaning Products. Our Favorites are Eagle One A-2-Z or the Eagle one All Wheel Cleaner. You can pick this up at your local Auto Parts Store.

More Car and Wheel Cleaning Tips

The following Cleaning tips can provide the best protection to your car. Let your wheels cool before cleaning them! Hot Wheels Can discolor when hit with cold wash water. Use wet sponge and fresh water to clean your car. Use good car polish or wax, use surface protector Never use abrasive cleansers or abrasive pads to clean your wheels. Before you mount your wheels give them several coats of good quality car polish. Frequent washing with mildly soapy warm water is the best way to keep your alloy wheels clean. If you take the time to care for them properly they will last a long time and you will not have to get them repaired or replaced. Remember, if you damage a wheel beyond what simple cleaning can handle, we are here to help. Repair, Refinish or Repaint.

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