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ferrariReturning a leased vehicle can be a hassle.  Before you return the car the financing company that leases the vehicles will send an inspector.  Beware!  The inspector is likely to hand you a retail bill for unrepaired damages on the vehicle.   Your best option to avoid this mess and high–priced repairs is to handle the vehicle’s issues before you return it.

If the wheels are damaged in any way, they may actually hit you up for the cost of replacement wheels!  If you’re lucky they will only charge you for wheel refinishing, however, this will still be at a significantly higher cost than what we would charge.  The average cost of replacement today is around $400-$600 a wheel.  Our charge for wheel refinishing is $100-$150 per wheel, depending on the make/model and the extent of the damage.

We fix it for a fraction of the wheel replacement cost!  Let our experienced team members go over your wheels and restore them to near mint condition for youCall or fill out our contact form for a free estimate on your wheels today.  Save money now!

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