Mobile Curb Rash Repair in Portland and VancouverYou take great care of your car. You get the oil changed, schedule tune-ups, and keep the interior and exterior looking great all year round. You don’t mind spending a little money to ensure your high-end car is the envy of the neighborhood. But what about your alloy wheels?

Did you know there is a service in town that can repair Scratched, Scraped, Nicked, Dinged and Bent wheels? And The cost is a fraction of the cost of replacing your wheel with Factory New?

Day-to-day driving can be hard on your wheels, especially in the winter. Curb scrapes and pothole damage can take away the wow factor of your alloy wheels. But buying a new high-performance wheel after every case of curb rash can start to get a little spendy.

Meet Wheelkraft NW. We refinish alloy wheels and provide mobile curb rash repair at your home, place of business, or anywhere else between Longview and Wilsonville at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new wheel. Instead of figuring out a convenient time to bring your wheels in or taking time away from work, we come to you!

Need for Speed – Mobile Curb Rash and Alloy Wheel Repair

Wheelkraft NW is designed to refinish your wheels fast. You won’t have to schedule the work out a week or longer: our large truck fleet keeps wait times to a minimum. Our technicians are experienced and efficient, repairing each wheel in about an hour. That’s only as long as some lunch breaks!

Why do we move so fast? All of our reconditioning vans are self-contained – we don’t waste time taking the wheel back to the shop for refinishing work. Our three-step process is time-tested and proven to provide professional results for our clients.

First, we carefully remove the wheels from your car and place it in our specially designed vans. Then we repair, prep, prime, and paint your wheels to get them ready for a clear coat and cure under a UV light. Your “newly repaired” wheel is then safely re-installed on your vehicle.

Just like that, you’re ready to roll. And you didn’t have to wait in a dingy warehouse somewhere, use a less-than-desirable loaner, or miss a minute of work.

Wheelkraft has more than 50 years of industry experience, returning damaged wheels to original glory for high-performance and luxury cars. In addition to on-site repair, we also offer wheel customization, straightening, mobile curb rash repair and a host of other services. Have rough-looking wheels? Contact us today!

Please Call to set appointments at your office or shop. We are usually out working at our customers locations and we don’t want to miss working with you!
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