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If you have a car dealership, a fleet of vehicles, or manage a yard for trucking, your best piece of advice is to outsource your wheel repair. There are so many value-added benefits; Wheelkraft NW will make sure you see the value of outsourcing rim and wheel repair, and how it can make you the hero of your fleet if you’re not doing it already.

Did you know that most large truck fleets outsource their rim & wheel repair? Yep, the fine folks over at UPS, not to mention others with large fleets around the world, outsource this function. The good news is, you don’t have to have a global fleet, or even a national fleet since there are wheel repair companies to fit almost every size fleet today.

The Value of Outsourcing Rim & Wheel Repair

As I’m sure you know, wheel repair as an internal department is expensive. Beyond the cost of well-trained employees, you have insurance/Workers Compensation costs, continued training, the wheel repair equipment, OSHA compliance, and so much more. Not to mention, the trained employees in this department have more downtime than other departments supporting a fleet of trucks, yet they need to be available all the time. And, keeping stock of supplies to repair rims and wheels can get expensive quickly.

When you outsource the wheel repair, you immediately get to take advantage of the benefits. No longer do you have to cover that department with insurance and compliance of regulations, you also get the benefit of using the service as needed and not having to purchase and maintain the equipment. No more overhead costs dragging your business down.

The Really, Really Big Benefit!

So, here’s the big benefit to you when you outsource this function: When wheel repair is done in-house, you don’t get the benefit of warranty. In fact, your only “warranty” is that you hope the employees you spent all that money on training do it right the first time. If not, it’s on you. However, when you use an outsource solution, they provide a warranty for the work done, and cover any damage done should the repair fail.

Our thinking about housing all of our departments we need to support the fleet we have is changing. And, the funny part of this is, it’s changing from the big guys down, which usually happens the other way around.

If you have a fleet, no matter how big or small, and you need a wheel or rim repair, or are now considering outsourcing this function, contact us today at Wheelkraft NW to find out which solution fits your fleet the best.

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