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polished wheelThere are a variety of different polished wheel options available, whether you’re looking for a traditional look, brushed, or machine-polished. Each technique is different, but they all use the same buffing of metal to make it shine. But the methods, care and maintenance necessary for each wheel type can vary.

Traditional polished wheels:

These types of wheels are polished by buffing the wheel with soft materials until the it has a metallic glow to it. Most polished wheels on the market today utilize a clear-coat, and they repair quite easily if damaged. However, repairs can often be costly, as the polishing is labor intensive and needs to be completed by hand.

Machine-polished wheels:

These wheels have a finish applied by spinning the wheel on a Computer Numeric Control lathe. The lathe bit will cut part of the metal off the front of the wheel, then flatten and polish it to give it a metallic shine. If this type of wheel needs repaired, it can usually be fixed by using the lathe again. However, this can only be done on a limited basis, as there won’t be enough metal left to refinish the wheel if it is done over and over again.

Brush-polished wheels:

Borbet, manufacturer of light alloy wheels, introduced a new type of finish called Borbet Brushed. This process uses a unique brushing of the metal surface that gives the wheels a dimensional look to them that can be changed up to show various patterns and finishes. However, the process has not been made readily available and is only offered in Europe. The company hopes to eventually offer the finish to the broader market.

How should you clean polished wheels?

Polished wheels don’t require a lot of maintenance. All clear-coated polished wheels should be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup of dirt and grime. All it takes is a mild cleaner that is made of non-acid materials, combined with water.

Polished wheels aren’t the right choice for every car owner, but they are very popular, because they are usually affordably priced and easily maintained. If you want to change the appearance of your vehicle and make it more visually appealing, polished wheels might be a perfect option for you.

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