Powder Coating in Portland OR

When you put your heart and soul into your car, don’t let the paint job be anything less than what you deserve. Our powder coating service is ideal for almost any rim or wheel on most cars and trucks. We specialize in powder coating wheels, meaning our experienced team can give you exactly what you need from your car detail.

Personalize Your Ride

Do you like bold colors? Or, would you prefer a more understated design? Personalize your ride your way with powder coating. If you need those wheels to match your fresh paint job or body wrap, a round of powder coating is the answer. This system is specially designed for coating metal and wheels, so you can expect your newly retouched wheels to keep up with your sleek ride.

More Durable Coats

Powder coating doesn’t involve regular liquid based paints. Instead, a layer of powder is sprayed onto the wheel’s surface using an electrostatic gun. Because of the powder’s innate characteristics, more durable coats are standard. Once the layer is applied, the wheel must be heat treated to solidify the coating. Overall, powders perform better than their more traditional liquid paint counterparts.

Technician Powder Coating Wheels in Portland ORPersonalized Service

Our experienced staff understands the needs of car enthusiasts. Not only do you want the best ride, but you want to make a statement with your vehicle. That’s why we pay close attention to you what you are looking for. We are just as invested in our craftsmanship as we are in making your wheels look their best.

Matching Your Color

When you take your car out on the town, you can expect a bit of wear and tear. Dings and scratches will happen which means you need an effective color matching solution. Our experienced technicians can fill in the problem spots and restore your wheels. Conversely, if you want to match that perfect shade you see in your mind’s eye, we can work with you to pinpoint the right color scheme for your ride.

If you want to take your wheels to the next level, powder coating Portland is the solution. The durable colored layer will survive daily wear and tear, so your vehicle can continue to look great while you’re behind the wheel.

When you spend your hard earned cash on your vehicle, your expectations should be met, and exceeded. Contact our friendly and professional staff today to discuss powder coating options for your wheels.

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Blue Powder Coated Rims on drying rack in Portland