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How you can get the most from your wheels all through the rainy season…

Rainy weather is not exactly an invitation to get out in your drive way and polish your rims. Rain can lead to rust on new wheels. More mud is also going to get splashed around as we go into the late stage of winter. Unless your idea of a Valentine’s day gift is a wheel refinishing job, you may want to consider these tips that make keeping your wheels clean as easy as it can no matter how hard it rains.

Wheel Refinishing for Rainy Days

1. Drive smart

This sounds pretty basic, but the best way to clean up a mess is to just not make one. Puddles can be fun to drive through, but your wheels are not having as much fun as the driver. Staying off of dirt roads can also help keep wheels looking their best through autumn and winter.

2. Immediately hose off mud or dirt clumps

The longer dirt, grass or gunk builds up on your wheels, the harder it will be to clean off. As soon as you spot any one of these materials gathered on your wheels, hose them off. If needed, scrub away any particularly stubborn gunk that tries to build up on your wheels in the rain.

3. Park away from puddles

If you leave your wheels submerged in puddle water or mud, they can rust. The dirty water rushing along curbs during heavy precipitation is also going to strip the shine right off of your wheels. Parking smart is just as helpful for keeping wheels clean as driving smart. If you have to park on a curb side, stay as far away from the curb itself so that you avoid scuffing your wheels.

4. Use wheel protection products

The best defense might be a strong offense. If you take steps to ensure that your wheels look clean, you will have less mess to worry about down the line. There are wheel protectors that can be sprayed on and easily applied to wheels of any size or style. The best idea is to spray on the protective layer in dry conditions, as they may not have the desired effect if rain just washes the protection off.

5. Professional Wheel Refinishing or Cleaning

If you are very serious about wheel cleanliness, let experts take care of the work for you. Rather than going out to your driveway with a bucket and a chamois cloth, you may want to take your wheels to a garage with experts ready to polish, refinish and protect your wheels.

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