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Refinishing these custom wheels allowed our show car friends to preserve the value of their wheels…

Speedline wheels offer a beautiful look to any car, and refinishing these items is a job for a professional…

Wheel Refinishing

The wheels on a show car are often the first things people see; so if something happens to your show car wheels, we may be your new best friend! Show car enthusiasts pay very close attention to wheels, the same way fashion enthusiasts instantly look at shoes. Buying new wheels is a decent choice with a large budget, but refinishing an existing wheel is the best option in most situations.

With Classic & Collector Wheels, Refinishing is the Only Option

In some circumstances, particularly with show cars, refinishing may be your only option, who wants to put aftermarket wheels on a classic car? The vintage wheels help keep the car keep its soul, its character and the look that make it a classic. WheelKraft NW can help you make an classic car’s old wheel new again!

The cost of new wheels is rarely cheap. Even economy car wheels meant to provide basic wheel function, and not any aesthetic value, will be costly to purchase from a local wheel shop. Refinishing wheels, on the other hand, is a great way to save over the cost of purchasing new.

Wheel damage can occur during traffic collisions, when parking too closely to curb sides, or even during an attempted theft of wheels. It may be worth contacting your insurance to see if the wheel repair or replacement is covered. In the worst case drivers have to pay out of pocket to refinish their wheels, but we work with you by keeping the cost of refinishing wheels to a minimum.

Refinishing custom, collector & show car wheels is a delicate process, but the results speak for themselves.

Refinishing is available for most types of wheels, even two-piece wheels can usually be professionally refinished. The value of wheel refinishing depends on the wheels and the car they are on, but the cost is always reasonable.


Wheel Refinishing Speedline Before

This is a wheel…

Common Wheel Finish Problems:

  • – Bent wheels
  • – Rusty wheels
  • – Bad wheel paint jobs
  • – Paint peeling off of the wheels
  • – Wheel fasteners getting rusty
  • – Valve stem deterioration


Wheel Refinishing Speedline After

This is a wheel after
Speedline wheel refinishing!


Common Wheel Finish Solutions:

  • – Use tools to straighten the wheel back out
  • – Apply fresh chrome to the center of the wheel
  • – Polish the barrel of the wheel
  • – Set new stainless steel fasteners ¬†or valve stems
  • – Polish the wheel
  • – Repaint the wheel

WheelKraft NW wheel refinishing technicians are standing by and we love what we do – contact us now to assess your classic, custom or show car wheels for repair!

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