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bmw_wheelWhen the wheels of your car age and show signs of wear and tear, you have two options. You can either opt for wheel replacement or opt for refinishing them. Here are a few reasons that refinishing your wheels is the better option.

  1. The very first and overwhelming reason is the cost advantage. Typically, you will be spending a very small fraction of what wheel replacement costs when you opt for refinishing your vehicle’s wheels.
  2. Don’t waste perfectly good wheels. When you have have issues with your wheels, it rarely means it has been rendered unusable or worthless. For minor issues or even for some serious concerns, instead of starting from scratch, refinishing will most likely do the job.
  3. It’s an added layer of protection. Refinishing wheels enables them to resist weather extremes. Whether it’s harsh winters or scorching summers, bad terrain and roads, or rainy conditions, refinished wheels will help protect your wheels.
  4. Longer lasting wheels. You can prolong the life of the wheels you already have, while adding a brand new shine.
  5. Maintain your vehicle’s value for less. We all know that the more we take care of our cars, the more value they will retain. Wheel refinishing shows prospective buyers that you have taken care of the most visible spots on your vehicle: the wheels.
  6. Now’s the time for customizing. If your wheels need to be worked on, why not finally act on that desire to add some custom flare to their look. Whether it’s a new bold wheel color or pinstriping, now’s the time to consider it while your car is already in the shop.

In the vast majority of cases, refinishing your existing wheels is your best option, not just from a cost perspective, but for the many other benefits mentioned above.

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