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Some ideas for on refinishing wheels, rather than buying new ones…

It is possible to turn an old wheel new again. Over time, the wear and tear that your wheels will suffer can lead you to chalk up the old wheels as dead weight. In certain cases, it is true that junking your old wheels and replacing them is the smart call.

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However, even rims that seem beyond repair can be refinished. Wheel restoration by a team of experts might help you bring some value back to a show car.  The experts at Wheel Kraft NW are always happy to restore a beautiful look to the wheels on show cars.

Here are some common problems that show car owners face when it comes to their wheels.

THE PROBLEM: A wheel or rim has been bent

THE SOLUTION: Call or send your wheel to WheelKraft NW where we can straighten it for you!

THE PROBLEM: Corrosion has built up on the wheel or rim

THE SOLUTION: It’s important to remove corrosion before refinishing a wheel, the best way is an acid solution professionally applied.  Then we refinish or powder coat to your desired color.

THE PROBLEM: Paint is peeling off of the wheel or rim

THE SOLUTION: Before repainting a wheel, it’s imperative to strip the existing paint.  Then we can apply an even, fresh coat to restore the wheel!

THE PROBLEM: The fasteners are getting rusty

THE SOLUTION: Find an appropriate replacement fastener (based on make, model and year), then apply the new fasteners while being mindful of the wheel paint or chrome!

THE PROBLEM: The valve stem is deteriorating

THE SOLUTION: Find an appropriate replacement valve stem (based on make, model and year), then put the new stem in place!

There are many other issues that show car owners might have with their wheels. However, these common problems are easily fixed, and certainly not a reason to throw out your current wheels or rims. For more show car wheel care tips, get in touch with a WheelKraftNW technician today!

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