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Custom wheels on your vehicle make a unique statement of your personal style and enhance the overall appearance of your car. Aftermarket wheels are a great way to customize your car, but how do you know which rims to choose? There is a huge variety of wheel styles with distinct rim options, so no matter what your style preference, you’ll be able to find wheels and rims that will not only look great, but will boost the performance of your car as well. Here are some different options and things to take into consideration when choosing your rims:

Piece Monoblock Wheels.

These are the lightest type of forged wheels and are crafted by forcing a round bar stock of aluminum alloy between the forging dies under pressure. The forging process is a unique technology that’s used in one-piece wheels like these. The result is a finished wheel: dense, sleek, and lightweight.

Piece Forged Wheels.

These wheels are divided into two classes. The first involves the manufacturers to bolt the center of the two-piece wheel into a cast or spun rim section. The other type welds the center to the backside of the hoop. These wheels are generally the least expensive option when it comes to forged wheels but are very strong, light, and easy to repair. The wheels are not easily chrome-plated or painted because of the welding factor that is involved in the manufacturing.

Piece Construction Forged Wheels

These wheels are usually the most expensive type because of the high cost of tooling and technology that goes into making them. The wheel is made up of three core pieces: the inner hoop, outer lip, and center. Oftentimes, these wheel types have cast aluminum centers, which can bring the cost down slightly. They come in a lot of different widths and have the most style options on the market.

How do you know what size to pick?

When you’re looking to pick out new rims, be sure to select the wheel that has a bolt pattern or circle that aligns with the OEM pattern of your car. It is necessary for to account for the vehicle’s brake and suspension clearance. Also, look at the wheel size, which is measured by looking at the diameter of the wheel in inches where the beads of the tire sit on the wheel.

There are a lot of details that go into selecting the right rims for your vehicle. Not sure where to start, or which style fits your car and your personal taste? Our team of professional technicians can help you with your decision and get you on the road in style in a short time. Contact the experts at Wheelkraft NW to help you select the right rims for your vehicle!

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