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Why these spray-on, hose-off products are a distant second to professional rim cleaning


Spray-on rim cleaners promise excellent results. Then again, just about every aftermarket automotive improvement and at home care product claims to save drivers money without sacrificing quality.

There are several rim cleaner brands available online and at local auto supply stores. Here is a look at whether or not you should use this rim and wheel cleaning product.

Spray-on rim cleaners in your own driveway

The big appeal for spray-on rim cleaning products cleaners is their ease of use. You simply spray the cleaner on to your rims and wheels, then hose off the cleaner after a few minutes. Infomercials make this process look as easy as it sounds.

As with any automotive care products, safety instructions must be followed. The effectiveness depends on how dirty your rims are. The difference between brands is minimal, since each of these products has limited effectiveness, according to Consumer Reports.

Spray-on rim cleaners at professional auto detail shops

Most professional rim cleaners and wheel refinishing professionals stay away from these products. It takes more time and effort to clean rims and wheels by hand. Thus, paying a professional wheel refinishing garage is more expensive than buying spray-on rim cleaners you can use at home.

You get what you pay for when it comes to wheel and rim cleaning. Professionals will get each square centimeter of your rims and wheels as clean as can be. Spraying on a solution that is later hosed off does not guarantee a showroom shine for your wheels and rims.

Where to get spray-on rim cleaners

If you have your heart set on using spray-on rim cleaners, order them online to save some money. Most brands cost under $10 per bottle. Be sure to read the product description to ensure that you do not get a spray that could actually damage your rims or wheels.

You may want to choose professional rim cleaning or professional wheel refinishing instead. Contact the Portland rim and wheel care experts at WheelKraft Northwest for a quote!

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