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Make sure your wheels look great in the summer sun


Wheel refinishing can give your car a completely new look. With summer here, clean wheels should be a priority to every driver.

WheelKraft Northwest can help restore a vibrant look to your wheels. Here are some benefits of wheel refinishing.

Will wheel refinishing be expensive?

The cost side of wheel repair or restoration services has many factors to consider. The quality of your wheels, the size of your wheels and how much care you take to keep your wheels in great shape will all impact the price of wheel refinishing.

If you regularly ride the curb as you parallel park, for example, your refinishing services will probably cost more than someone simply looking to remove a coat of rust. If you have 24-inch chrome wheels on an SUV, expect refinishing to cost more than standard 13-inch alloy wheels on an economy sedan.

How long do the effects of wheel refinishing last?

That depends on how you drive. It also depends on where you drive. Going up and down hills while riding your brakes can lead to brake dust dirtying up your wheels. If you log a lot of freeway miles or drive along dirt roads, do not expect the shine and polish to last long.

Similarly, if you are not cautious when parallel parking, you can damage recently refinished wheels mere hours after getting your car back from the shop. This is why it is recommended for drivers to stay off of highways, drive smoothly and avoid dirt roads once they have paid for a refinishing.

Can wheel refinishing take care of rust?

Absolutely. If you wash your wheels by hand, make sure to remove moisture so that the summer sun does not beat down on your wheels and increase the risk of rust.

Repairing and refinishing wheels with a lot of rust can give your car a great look. It is always exciting to see the look on someone’s face when they are used to your car with rusty wheels. The fresh look of refinished wheels through priming, clear coating, painting and other services is worth the money if you want your car to look ready for a show room.

WheelKraft Northwest employs excellent wheel refinishing professionals. Contact us to set up an appointment for your wheels today!

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