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If your car is your pride and joy, you’ve likely put a lot of time and money into it to make it exactly how you want. If you’ve worked hard to make it the custom masterpiece that you have always imagined, now it’s time to deck it out even more with custom wheels. Here, we’ll outline some recent tire trends in the custom wheel sector.

1. Rubber from guayule and low rolling resistance

Bridgestone has worked recently in developing tires with rubber that is derived from guayule plant.  These tires will fully replace Hevea rubber in the tread, sidewall, bead filters, and other parts of the wheel that are usually only made with natural rubber. In addition, another big trend in custom wheel design is the combination of low rolling resistance (LRR) properties in tires. Even though they aren’t being clearly marketed as LRR tires, designs and compounds on broad-line tires are showing more of these LRR features. Manufacturers have worked to lower tire rolling resistance without negative impacts on other performance areas.

2. Monoblock wheels

Monoblock wheels are incredibly popular this year because of the unique concave styling they offer. Advanced alloys, composites, and other alternative materials are being made for this sort of application.

3. Large diameter wheels

Today’s custom wheel design screams “more is better.” You’ll see larger-diameter wheels, more finish options, and more ‘stretch’ fitments to name a few. Some of the most popular choices are those with carbon-fiber design, which are lightweight, but significantly more expensive.

4. Online sales

Many wheel manufacturers and brick-and-mortar tire retailers are seeing a huge impact in regards to online sales. Each year, sales are becoming stronger, and some estimate that online sales could represent as much as 40% in the next several years. In fact, Hank Feldman, president of Performance Plus Tire and Automotive Superstore believes that brick-and-mortar stores are only surviving because customers cannot install tires or fix them online. They need professionals in a physical store location to go visit and get this work done.

5. Visualization software

There is a new visualization software on the market now called the iConfigurator. This allows users the chance to see a specific tire and wheel package and put it on a specific vehicle. This is an offshoot of internet sales and could really change how buyers end up choosing their custom wheels.

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