In Company Message, Wheel Replacement

DSC_0177Now those are a good looking set of wheels you’ve got there. Much better than the standard ones that came with the car, and much more appealing to the eye than the factory standard rims.

But what about those old wheels you replaced? There’s really nothing wrong with the rims, other than their less-than-stellar looks. But the last time I checked, a car only needs four wheels on the ground, and a spare in the trunk. What are you going to do with four extra wheels hanging around the garage?

WheelkraftNW and WheelhausMFG want your core wheels! Don’t just leave your old rims out in the shed, collecting dust and wasting space. Whether they’re brand new rims you simply had replaced, a little bruised with a few marks or scratches here or there, or simply beat up rims you wouldn’t be caught dead with, we’ll take them.

Give us a call and show us what you’ve got hanging out in the garage. We’ll come take a look!

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