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Car Color Infographic

So many things go into buying a car – you might be thinking that the color choice is something that’s just negligible.

Your color choice reveals something far deeper than a personal preference, though. Color makes a difference from the body paint all the way to the style of the wheels. Psychologists say this isn’t a mundane decision at all, but maybe a glimpse into who you really are.  We’ll break down some of the most popular car colors and share the theories about what each color reveals.


Apple has popularized white as the color for modernity and sleekness. The color says more about you than just that, though. Those who choose white are associated with being dependable and reliable. They are people who can handle a million things happening at the same time, and often take on more than what is expected of them.


Black often signifies class, confidence and sophistication. Why do you think limousines carrying high-profile celebrities are often painted black? Black is also often associated with being a “power color” – it’s desired by those who like to be in control.


Silver is perhaps the biggest signifier of style and substance. Think of James Bond and his silver  Aston Martin. Interestingly, silver better conceals dirt and scratches, which works well for professionals who are often on the go and don’t have enough time to wash their car often.


Let us not confuse silver with gray, which signifies a more relaxed confidence. You may see gray with older drivers – it implies a wisdom and quiet strength that isn’t typical in fast-moving youngsters. Of Note: 75% of cars on the road today have been logged as black, silver, gray and white.


The fact that red signifies fire and passion does not come as a surprise to many. It’s often thought of as a more aggressive color. We all have the image of the red convertible driving down the California coast; this driver generally wants to be seen, they love attention and have a magnetic personality. There’s also the prevailing idea that red cars attract more speeding tickets, but at this point it’s still just an urban myth.


Blue is perhaps the antithesis to red – it’s representative of a calm, collected and confident personality. It was also voted as the most popular color in the world. Some car and color experts think it will overtake white as the most popular car color in the future.


Not far from blue, brown also evokes a low-key personality. They are prone to being in tighter control of their finances and are less attracted to flashy and high-priced items.

Once you’ve picked out your car color, it’s time to take the next steps in customizing your ride. Check out our post on choosing the right custom wheel color.

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