Wheel Customization in Vancouver WA

Mod Your Wheels!

Custom wheels can make your car stand out from the rest. Personalize your ride with our range of services and offerings at Wheelkraft NW. We offer wheel powder coating, pinstriping, paint matching, and will make your vehicle become an extension of you with a fully customized set of rims. At Wheelkraft NW, we understand what you are looking for in personalization, and we offer the necessary services, professional expertise, and more than 50 years of experience to make sure it is done properly.

Our experienced technicians provide painted and powder coating options when you want to change the color of your wheels. We can reproduce factory machine finish with new, personalized color in the pockets of your wheels. We can pinstripe the edges of your wheels and also match most aftermarket wheel styles. Let us personalize your ride with the look that is just right for you.

Car buyers today are wanting personalized vehicles now more than ever, and the demand is growing for customized wheels along with aftermarket accessories. We are the experts at personalizing wheels and providing that complete look you are wanting. If you can dream it up, we can do it, when it comes to custom wheels and powder coating, we know what we are doing. Check out our customization gallery.

Powder Coating

Do you like bold colors? Or, would you prefer a more understated design? Personalize your ride your way with powder coating. If you need those wheels to match your fresh paint job or body wrap, a round of powder coating is the answer.

When it comes to customization, powder coating is key. We not only provide powder coating services, but we are experts at the process and understand color matching, coating with precision, and our system is specifically designed for coating metal and wheels. Check out our powder coating services here.

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