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chrome wheelsMany car owners decide to install chrome wheel rims to change up the look of their car, as they can easily give your vehicle a customized look.

Traditional chrome plating is delicately finished, which means if they are broken, they can be expensive to repair. To chrome plate a wheel, it’s first polished and acid-etched. Then nickel, bronze, and chromium are plated in layers in order to increase the strength of the finish.

There is no clear coat applied to it after that, so in order to clean it, car owners will need to clean it with soap and water and then polish with chrome-specific cleaners that are okay for metal finishes.

When it comes to putting snow tires onto your vehicle during the cold winter months, be sure to take off the chrome and put on an extra set of steel or alloy wheels. Chrome wheels should never be exposed to road salt, which is common during snowy or icy weather. When the chrome comes into contact with the salt, it can strip the chromium right out of the finish, which over time, causes flaking and corrosion of the metal surface. It can also cause sliding between the rim and the tire, which can cause the tires to leak.

Pros of chrome:

1. They look fantastic. Chrome rims are the shiniest rims out there and can make your car look stunning! They can help instantly transform an ordinary car into a flashier, more expensive looking car.

2. Easy to clean. It doesn’t take a lot of fancy chemicals to clean these rims. When they get dirty, simply wipe them off with soap, a damp cloth, and then polish. These rims are fairly low maintenance and don’t require a lot of cleaning time.

3. A variety of styles are available. No matter what type of car you have, there is an assortment of styles available for almost every type of automobile. For those who desire a less-flashy look, there are some rims that don’t stand out as much, while there are others that are highly polished and shiny with fancy designs.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to class up your vehicle, or looking for a way to draw everyone’s attention to your car, there is a style that will fit your specific taste.


1. Scuffs easily. Chrome rims are easy to clean, but it is hard to keep them clean for long. Dirt and oil show easily and especially on rainy days, the rims can easily lose their sparkle.

2. Expensive. Chrome rims are very popular and because the demand is there, prices have not dropped, simply because manufacturers can’t keep up with the need. In addition, the parts that go into making the rims have also remained pricey, which keeps the cost high.

Chrome rims aren’t for everyone, but they are very popular for a wide variety of car enthusiasts. If you want to make your vehicle stand out, chrome wheels might be a great option for you!

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