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High performance wheels are expensive and customized ones can cost even more.  Ensure the life of your wheels and keep them looking like new with WheelKraftNW’s help!  Our trained staff can refinish, straighten or customize your wheels all for less than dealership cost.  Don’t spend a fortune on wheels, call us and save your money for Saturday night.

Curb damage is an ugly sight on a luxury car yet so simple to repair.   Our team of wheel specialist will come to your home or office to do the job for you!  Your damaged wheels are removed from the vehicle and placed on a specially designed prep station/paint booth inside our self-contained reconditioning service van. The wheels are carefully repaired, prepped, primed, painted and finally clear-coated, giving the wheel a like new appearance. The wheels are allowed to cure under infrared lamps for a short time and placed back on your vehicle where it is ready to roll. The total time required to repair the average wheel is about one hour.  How’s that for fast and easy!

Hit a pothole? Bend a rim?  Nothing brings down the performance or the safety of a tire like a bent rim.  That doesn’t mean you need to a buy a new wheel.  Bring it in and we can straighten that rim for you for a fraction of the cost (on site service is not available).  Is the wheel too damaged to fix?  Not a problem, we can remanufacture it or help you find a reasonable replacement that fits your car.

No other accessory on a vehicle gets more attention than the wheels.  Add flash and individuality to your luxury vehicle with services like brake caliper painting and factory wheel customization.  We can change the color or add machine finish and pin striping to your wheels to give them the accent you want.  Make them as unique as you are and customize the look of your car.

Luxury vehicles can be expensive to maintain.  Don’t throw away your money on over prices services.  Give WheelKraftNW a call or simply fill out the contact form to have a qualified team member show you how to save today!

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