Can we have more than a 10/10 rating? Maybe 15/10, because these guys gave 150% today. In just over an hour all 4 wheels were transformed, from curd-rashed and grime-trashed to a better-than-new sparkling luster. Creamy smooth rims make it hard to believe these are the same wheels that looked like they had been chomped by the Cookie Monster. If you’re thinking about refurbishment just get it done now. These guys couldn’t be nicer to work with. – Mark M. 3/6/18

These guys are awesome. Super friendly and took a look at my car right away without an appointment. They really know what they’re doing and have the newest state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right. Will be back for anything else I’ll ever need. – Steve W.

I am writing this to speak on behalf of the quality of work that WheelKraft NW does. I recently had a customer with a severely bent wheel off her brand new Mercedes. Finding a replacement wheel was near impossible so I resorted to EBay. The wheel I found besides being expensive was very poorly refinished. The face of the wheel was machined down to the point where it was about a half an inch narrower (than the OEM Wheel)and had waves in the face of the wheel. About the time I was determining what to do next, Wid happened to be in the store dropping off another wheel we had straightened.

Wid, to my disbelief thought he could fix the original bent wheel which was probably bent nearly 2 inches. A day later Wid brought the wheel back as good as new. We now use WheelKraft almost weekly it seems because of the quality of work, reasonable prices and very quick service. I would recommend them for any wheel straightening or refinishing you may need. – Dane Lawrence (Les Schwab Tire Center in Lake Grove)

I just had my badly oxidized and pitted wheels on my 2007 GMC redone by WheelKraftNW, could not be happier. The transformation was amazing!!!! They look better than new and the shop had them done quicker than expected by the guys at the shop. Cannot say how much I love their work and pricing! Total professions and would recommend them to EVERYBODY!!! – Patrick (Vancouver, WA)

Wheelkraft has always provided high-quality service to Artistic Auto Body customers. Not only do they repair wheels on site, they are fast, efficient and very fairly priced. Their technicians are professional and highly knowledgeable. We trust them to get the job done right. – Stacy Howard (General Manager, Artistic Auto Body)

Wow! This company is great! I just bought a used 2004 Audi A4. When I went to look at it, the worst thing about the exterior was the wheels! All four had curb rash. Wheels make the car for me and I got it anyway since it was pretty clean.

When I asked at the Audi dealer about the cost of replacing the wheels, he told me (the cost of new wheels – ouch) but then gave me WheelKraft NW as someone to call to help. I didn’t even know there were companies like this! I spoke with Pat and we made an appointment for the next day! Tyler came to my work, and in the mean time, I had found out they could paint calipers too.

I asked Tyler if he could add that to the work on the spur of the moment and he checked for the paint and we were in business! Tyler worked hard and got everything done beautifully and my car now looks brand new! I’m extremely pleased with the work they did and I already have 2 friends that want to use WheelKraft NW for their cars. I plan to go show the dealer I got the car from too so he can see how much better the car looks! Thank you again Pat and Tyler–I’ll be using you again (if I need to) and will be recommending you to all my friends with wheel problems! You guys Rock! – Kelly Lang

WheelKraft NW has been doing an amazing job helping our clients here at Mercedes Benz of Portland. We offer wheel refinishing and straightening to our clients using WheelKraft NW. Thanks to this amazing Team, we are able to keep our clients vehicles looking sharp and saving them money by repairing wheels instead of replacing them. I highly recommend WheelKraft NW for your wheel needs/issues. – Chuck Haga

Just wanted to say thanks. Mike stopped to tell of your services, I had an idea to do the wheels on my Audi TT. The work was awesome they basically took what I thought and made it better great job. also note the work was done very quickly. – Rick McDonald

Amazed by the work and service from these guys (especially Wid). Deeply scraped our Rav4 wheel on a rough curb. Never would have imagined it could be repaired to the point that you can’t tell it ever happened. We’re super picky and the repair is flawless. The repair, the price, and the service were way above expectations. Thanks gentlemen! – Angie & Landon Morse

Let me get to the point. This is a 5 star business! I seriously bent a $1000 BMW M6 wheel when I hit a pot hole.. The front end started shaking at magnitude 7.2. I found these guys on the web and brought the wheel to Vancouver the next day. The same day it was delivered back to me in what appeared to be perfect condition. I put it on the car and it actually was perfect. I couldn’t be happier. My M6 drives like new only a few hours after the damage and it only cost me a 100 bucks. Now that is what I call value and service. Love these guys!!! – Barry Starkman

I don’t write feedbacks much but this work deserved one! My wife curbed the wheels on our brand new BMW (<200 miles). I thought I would have to buy a brand new wheel but I came across Wheelkraft NW and thought I would give it a try. The convenience of having them show up at my work was a major plus! I was skeptical at how well it would turn out as I am pretty picky! After they were done, I am was amazed at the quality. I stared at the wheel and could not see where the work was done. Simply amazing work and quality! I am definitely saving this company under my contacts but hope to not use them again 🙂 If I do… I will have no issue calling them again. – Stephen Noble

Wheelkraft arrived on time and did an incredible job restoring the wheel to like new condition, removing all signs of curb rash on my wife’s new Camaro. Excellent technician with great personality! While we hope we won’t need you again any time soon, if we do you’ll be the one we call. Many thx! – J. Edd Burns


Tyler was very professional and explained what he was going to do. He arrived on time, worked hard,and completed a job well done! – Ken Hills

Needed wheel repair done on one Viper SRT-10 wheel (curb rash) and new it might be a challenge since it is polished aluminum with a clearcoat. Also, had three “ball-polished” Maserati Gransport wheels that had been repaired (or rather attempted repair) by someone in New Jersey. I knew the wheels were not in great shape when I bought the car.

Contacted Pat by email (check it more often) and he sent Trent down to Salem. Trent apparently has lots of experience with “ball-polished” wheels. He could IMMEDIATELY tell (even in dim light) which wheels had been worked on previously. He started with the Viper and did a PERFECT job. Yes, I do mean PERFECT. Flawless. Even with a flashlight, I can’t tell where it was blended. The real test was the Maserati wheels. He also did a FANTASTIC job. Of course, he can’t ball polish them but they look great. He was able to blend the colors VERY WELL. It is VERY difficult to tell ANY difference between the real ball polished wheel the three that he worked on (mainly just curb rash).

I am very much a perfectionist when it comes to the cars and am EXTREMELY impressed. I really think it would be difficult to find ANYONE to do better work. VERY professional, on-time, friendly, etc. Gave me some good tips on cleaning. Was very careful with the cars. Price was VERY reasonable. Can’t say enough good things. Thank you very much. – Michael B. (Salem, OR)

I went a year daily-driving my Nismo without damaging the OEM Rays. Well my luck finally ran out when I took a corner too sharp and grazed the curb. I figured there was no way I could recover from this, but decided to do some research nonetheless. Enter Wheel Kraft NW. As long as your wheel is not structurally compromised (cracked), they will restore it to practically-new condition.

They even fix bent wheels. The work is set at a flat rate of $130 per wheel. I was very skeptical at first. My wheel looked like hell, and it was hard for me to believe it could be repaired to my standards. Sure enough, they came through in a big way! The process took exactly one hour, from removing my wheel to re-installing it. The work is all performed in one of their service vehicles, meaning they will drive to your work, house, friends place, etc. to perform the repair.

As long as you are around or between Vancouver, WA and the Portland Metro area, they will come to you. I was allowed in the service truck to watch the repair, which essentially consisted of grinding down the damage, cleaning the wheel, repainting, and clear-coating. They guarantee their work for as long as you own the vehicle and if you are not satisfied, they will redo the work for free. The end result was amazing.

I cannot tell there was any damage done to the wheel and the color-matching / clear-coat was spot on. I am fully satisfied with the work. – Brian W. (Salem, OR)

I wanted to pass on a “Thank You” and a job well done. Trent came out this morning to work on my rim after a rubbed up against a curb yesterday. I called yesterday and was scheduled an appointment the following day, which was great. The appointment was at 8:30am and Trent showed up right on time. When Trent got to my condo he let me know he would be running a generator and made sure it would be okay because of near-by neighbors. Trent said it would take about an hour to complete the repair and he was done ten minutes early.

Trent was very professional and the charge for the repair was much less than I thought it would be. I will be happy to recommend WheelKraft NW to friends and family in the future. – Josh M

I’m very happy with Skylar’s work on my BMW 1M. I’ve rashed two rims bc the car is much wider than the Mini I drove for five years. It is impossible to detect the repair. Thanks for the great job. – PSP

Thanks for the great job on my wheel. It looks great! – Calvin Kyniston

I know all businesses have some jobs don’t go as planned. As you know, my 350Z had paint peeling problems which took more than one rework to fix. I am happy to report the your latest efforts appear to have fixed the problem. I want to thank you and your staff for stepping up and fixing the problem. A lot of firms talk about customer service and guarantees but not everyone actually delivers when there really is a problem.

You and your firm do provide a high quality service and do stand behind you promises. Please make sure all you staff knows I appreciate their efforts. – Ron Miller

Excellent Job straightening the wheels on my wifes Mercedes (for the second time) ride completely smooth. Now if I could just get her to quit tagging curbs…. sure I be a repeat customer 🙂 – Robert

Excellent Job straightening the wheels on my wifes Mercedes (for the second time) ride completely smooth. Now if I could just get her to quit tagging curbs…. sure I be a repeat customer 🙂 – Robert

Excellent customer service, outstanding craftsmanship, convenience… Skylar just fixed a wheel on my Infiniti G37X and it looks like brand new. Great job and thanks! – Carla

Thanks guys, you did a fantastic job on the Porsche! – Jeremy Rupp

Wheel kraft came out to my house and had my wheels on a 06 GTO looking brand new, amazing! Got 3 bids and they were the best price too. – Jesse

I had several wheels straightened and then refinished on my BMW Z-4. I am very pleased with the work. The guys were great to work with. I highly recommend this shop. – William Hardy

Just had my front passenger rim repaired from some curb rash. 2010 Nissan 370Z. Looks brand new. I am sold! Saved me $750.00. I will be telling everyone about your service. Best part is you came to me! Trent and Steve were courteous and professional. Thanks again! – Kevin Kurtz

Had a rim repaired on my G37S yesterday. The results are truly outstanding. No wonder you have contracts with all of the high end auto dealerships. Great work! – Dave Stokey

EXCELLENT experience from start to finish replacing a bent rim. Pat located product at a great price and Steve & Trent were super heroes coming to my work to mount/balance the rim. I didn’t have to drive to Vancouver on my baby spare, which was a great time/stress savings. Pat, Steve & Trent were not only professional and courteoous, they seemed genuinely excited to work for Wheelkraft. They were great representatives for your company! Many thanks to you all. I’d recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat. – Roxann Davaz

Guys did a great job!! The wheels look brand new. Service was great! I would highly recommend Wheelkraft for any wheel repairs you have. – Chris Zebig

WheelKraft NW is a true lifesaver! This is now the 2nd time I have gone through them for rim repair (both curb damage). I am EXTREMELY amazed and how great of a job they do! The wheel looks better than it did when I first got the car! YOU GUYS ROCK! – Jeff Smith

Excellent wheel repair! Not only did they come to me, work around my schedule and do the repair very looks amazing! Even had a few friends asking if a had bought a new wheel! Thank you! – Brenden Amaro

I saved $2,500 by getting my wheels repaired instead of replaced. On top of that I didn’t have to ‘go’ anywhere – you came to me. I couldn’t be happier and I have already referred three people. Thanks again! – Charles Montgomery

Erick did a fantastic job repairing my Infiniti G37S coupe wheel. It looks as if it were brand new. FANTASTIC!!! Totally pleased with the quality work and professionalism. – Jeff Jones

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