Wheel Straightening in Portland OR

Portland Wheel Straightening

Everyone hits curbs and potholes from time to time.  Don’t let a bent rim affect your high performance vehicle.  With our patent pending system that brings most wheels to within manufacturer specifications we can repair your wheel for about $100-$125.

Please Note

  1. Wheel Straightening is one service we do not offer on site. We will need your wheel at our shop for 24 to 48 hours.
  2. Straightening a bent wheel employs the use of tools which may damage the factory finish on the wheel.
  3. Repair of tool damage to the finish is not included in the cost of Wheel Straightening.
  4. Some wheels will break during the straightening process.
  5. If Wheelkraft NW cannot make your wheel roadworthy again, there is no charge for our service.
  6. Wheelkraft NW will recycle all wheels which break during a straightening attempt.

Call or contact us for an estimate and one of our well mannered staff will be happy to help you.

Please Call to set appointments at your office or shop. We are usually out working at our customers locations and we don’t want to miss working with you!
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