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Audi all wheel drives are popular in winter, but their wheels can get the worst of it

Did your Audi slide off of a snowy road and take some wheel damage? You definitely aren’t alone…

Winter Wheel Damage           Winter Wheel Damage Repair

Slippery winter roads are treacherous to sedans and compact cars in particular.  The all wheel drive nature of the majority of Audi vehicles makes them very popular with the skiing, snowboarding & other winter sports crowds, but over correcting and sliding it to a ditch, down an embankment or through stop signs is no fun at all. There are a lot of body shops that will suggest it is time to get rid of your wheels if they get bent or otherwise damaged during winter collisions. However, no matter how banged up a wheel might look, restoration might be possible. In other words, WheelKraft NW wheel repair technology can play doctor for your wheels!

The well-trained technicians at WheelKraft NW are up to the job of replacing spokes, straightening bent tires and more. One thing that a lot of WheelKraft NW customers admire is the rapid turnaround their technicians provide on wheel repair jobs – particularly when the job is done at your location as is most common. While it is true that the professionals on our team are able to work quickly, their first priority is wheel perfection. Audi wheels brought to our team for repair will be managed by experts that have seen many forms of wheel damage during their professional careers, and you can trust their experience when you need to get wheels repaired and back on the road.

Contact one of the Audi wheel repair professionals at WheelKraft NW today!

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Audi wheel repair before



Painted Aluminum Wheel Repair

  • Sand out wheel damage
  • Spray on factory color paint
  • Clear-coat the wheel
  • Replace wheel on vehicle


Audi wheel repair after



The WheelKraft NW Advantage:

Quality Workmanship: Quality costs more to manufacture, and we would rather explain the quality that is built into our product than apologize for its absence!

Cost Savings: Refinishing your expensive wheels provides you with like-new wheels for a fraction of the cost of replacement


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