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Keeping Your Wheels CleanWith our rain season comes a whole new list of problems for your set of wheels. In regular conditions, you’re rims will do just fine with some standard care and attention. But with rain, oil, and other conditions on the road? Things start to get a little more hairy.

Naturally, you’ve got to take care of your wheels so they can take care of you. Think of it this way. You could have a 503bhp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood, but without a good set of wheels, you aren’t going anywhere. 

We have a few easy tips you can use to make sure your rims stay in good condition, so you can prepare for the worst while expecting the best:

Keep it Clean – “It’s wet outside” is no excuse for allowing your rims to stay dirty! Wheels pick up all sorts of junk while you’re on the road, not to mention the fine dust your brakes are always making. Do yourself a favor and grab some wheel cleaner while keeping your rims clear of dust, dirt, and grime.

Drive Smart – Half the fun of driving is getting into a bit of a mess while you’re on the road, whether it’s taking the back gravel roads or hitting those puddles. But keep in mind your wheels have to take the brunt of it, not the driver. Stay on asphalt, keep away from puddles, and remember: your wheels have to deal with whatever you’re driving in.

Stay Non-Acidic – Not all rims are created equal. Some are designed to take a beating, while others are made to visually impress. Non-acidic wheel cleaners are safer to use on bare metal, coated alloys and chrome. At the same time, they are powerful enough to lift off most brake dust.

Puddles are the Enemy – They look harmless enough when you’re just passing by, but parking for an extended amount in water is a quick way to invite rust in for an extended stay. Keep your wheels away from the water, and they will thank you with a longer lifetime.

Of course, even when you prepare for the worst, accidents happen. Whether you get a little too close to the curb when parking downtown, or notice there might be some chips from that road trip to Spokane, you might notice your wheels get a little beat up this coming season. When you do run into trouble with your rims, give us a call and let us take care of the damage for you. We’ll have your rims in perfect condition in no time.

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