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Northwest winters can be murder on your high performance wheels. One particularly nasty element is the de-icer that our department of transportation puts on the road during icy weather.  De-icer chemicals can cause significant damage to your tires and rims; luckily WheelKraftNW is here to help!

A significant wheel problem de-icer creates is chrome peeling.  The de-icer causes corrosion between the chrome and aluminum resulting in a peeling chrome finish.  De-icer can also cause pitting, fading and can even make your aluminum wheels look white and chalky.  Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to prevent the de-icer from being on the road but there is something you can do to resolve the damage.

WheelKraftNW’s wheel repair services here in Portland are extensive.  Not only can we refinish any pitted, faded or chalky white wheel, we can also handle peeling chrome through our partnership. Although it can take some time to accomplish there is nothing in wheel repair we can’t handle.

Don’t let your money go to waste on new wheels!  Restore yours and save with WheelKraftNW!  Simply call or fill out our contact form and our team of experts will be happy to give you a free estimate.

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